Friday, February 21, 2014

Five for Friday

1.  Just last week we were snowed in.  This week it has been park weather.  Go figure!

2.  Hudson had his first circus experience recently. He and I had a date day, while Jim and Lainey had a daddy/daughter day! 

3. I gave Lainey lasagna for the first time this week.  This was the outcome....
4.  I am so excited that stores are beginning to get their spring things in.  It's really weird buying bathing suits when there is snow on the ground, but this Momma can't wait!  How cute is this suit?!
and this one for Hudson

5.  I'm getting to have a girl's night this weekend and I'm so excited!!  We're going to dinner and going bowling.  I can't tell you the last time I went on a girl's night.  Maybe when Hudson was a baby.  I know, I know!! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crazy weather!

We have had some snow days around here lately and we are loving it!  We don't really get snow in our area, so when it comes, everyone gets excited and everything shuts down!  We've had a couple different snow storms.  One gave us only about an inch of snow and the second gave us about 8-10 inches!!  We don't even own a sled, so our knee board that we use on the lake worked perfect!

I'm glad I got to the grocery store before all the bread and milk was gone!  Seriously...not a loaf on the shelves!  We have enjoyed sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and playing Candy Lane (that's what Hudson calls it) about 4,882 times!

What is your favorite snow day activity?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's a Winter Onederland!!

This past Saturday, we hosted Lainey's first birthday party at our house.  We had a winter Onederland theme, and honestly, I had the best time planning a girly party.  I was overwhelmed with tulle, glitter, lace, and lots of pink!  I got a lot of ideas off pinterest and some I came up with on my own.  I've been planning this party since before Christmas and the day has finally come to celebrate!

We had all of our friends and most of our families down for the big celebration.  Some had to travel a couple of hours to join us, so we are grateful they could make it. Lainey loved all of the attention.  She loved the cake too, but not when she had to get in the bath tub to wash all of it off!

Happy Birthday party day, Lainey!

Side note:  Hudson is already planning his birthday party too!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet girl!

On January 19th, at 9:06am, Lainey turned 1 year old!  I spent the whole day reminiscing about her birth day and couldn't help but think how in the world by baby is a year old already.  The past year was so much fun and was full of busy life-things.  Lainey joined our family in January, we put our house up for sale and sold it (in 1 day) in April/May, moved into a temporary apartment while our house was being built, moved into our new house in September and greeted the holiday season with open arms!  Now......while all those things were happening, my baby girl was growing up before my eyes!  I learned a real lesson this past year about slowing down and just living.  Before I know it, Hudson and Lainey will be driving and in college (wait--I don't want to think about that right now)!

Lainey is the sweetest baby.  She loves her big brother and her furry 4-legged brother.  She always wants to be a part of what Hudson is doing--whether he wants her to or not. 

Just a few stats:
  •  Weight/Height:  we go to the doctor next week, so I'm not sure right now.
  •  She is wearing 12 month or 12-18 month size clothes right now.  We bought her first pair of shoes and they are a 4.5.  She is also wearing a size 3 diaper.
  • She is cruising along furniture and walking behind her baby stroller.  She's not really interested in walking much, and honestly, I'm not pushing her to.
  • She loves food.  Anything I put on her tray she will eat.  Her favorites are green beans, peaches, waffles, and applesauce.  I gave her whole milk the other day and she seemed to like it.
  • Nursing twice a day now.  Morning and Night.  Takes 2 naps.
  • She claps her hands, waves bye-bye, and blows kisses.  She will point to whatever she wants and says Mama, Dada, Wa-wa (water), and Da for dog.

Here is a sneak peak at the picture we used for her party invitation.......

Love you to the moon and back, little girl.  Could you quit growing up so fast?!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

We wish you and your family a happy New Year!  We are looking forward to exciting things in 2014 and hope you are too! 
Here's to a happy and healthy new year!
Cheers :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had the best Christmas! We were able to spend time with both sides of our families, making it a week long extravaganza!!

The weekend before Christmas we drove to my hometown.  We had so much fun and were on-the-go the whole time.  And, I totally forgot my camera...epic fail!

 There is nothing cuter than kids in their Christmas jammies!

 Penland Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Eve we were able to stay home--just the 3 of us.  We went to church Tuesday night and came home to get ready for Santa!

Tuesday night Hudson woke up coughing non-stop.  I think he had a fever too :(  Poor guy couldn't get comfortable.  After some medicine, he (and Momma) finally got some rest around 3:30am.  I think when he woke up he was feeling a little better because he was so excited to see what Santa had brought!

 Starting early?

 This was Christmas afternoon at Jim's aunts house.  Hudson didn't feel like having his picture taken, so he was pretending to take a nap (and I think he was starting to feel bad again).
 (Ignore the cords in the background.  You would think we would be settled in this house already?!)
Hudson got a scooter from Santa.  We were out in the driveway and he was showing me his new tricks.  This is what he did.........

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  Now onto New Years!!